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Congratulations to our WOW Award Recipient, Kevin O'Neill, RN - ICU.

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  • Written By: Michelle Aliprantis
Congratulations to our WOW Award Recipient, Kevin O'Neill, RN - ICU.
Congratulations to the Lower Bucks Hospital
WOW Award Recipient, Kevin O'Neill, RN – ICU.
Kevin has been with LBH since 2009. According to the Nomination, "on Tuesday evening, we started the evening short-staffed and had an RN pulled from us. We were all managing heavier assignments, but Kevin's was by far the worst. During a report, there was a code called on the floor. Kevin volunteered to take an Orientee, who was not assigned to him, to the code. When Kevin returned from the code, we offered to take the patient, but Kevin insisted on keeping the assignment and Orientee. Despite a hefty assignment, Kevin never complained. Kevin was able to precept an employee with a severely ill patient and handled multiple distressed family members who had stayed all night. He even took care of his own two patients, and it was a tremendous help us out too. We each had patients who had behavioral emergencies. One became violent, and we had to call a code 11. Kevin was there helping the entire time. We know Kevin frequently takes 'one for the team' and he never complains, he always goes above and beyond not only for his patients but also for his co-workers. We appreciate Kevin's hard work, especially on a night that could have turned into a nightmare!" Thank you for your dedication and work ethic. You are an inspiration to us all!