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Campers At Silver Lake Nature Center Have Fun, Learn Safety Lessons

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  • Written By: Michelle Aliprantis
Campers At Silver Lake Nature Center Have Fun, Learn Safety Lessons

Lower Bucks Hospital and the Bucks County Rescue Squad visited Silver Lake Nature Center in Bristol Township on Tuesday to teach campers about all forms of safety for the summer. The organizations used the event to instill knowledge of safety in all situations to the children so that they can enjoy their break without injury or danger.

Silver Lake Nature Center’s assistant director PattiAnn Cutter oversaw the event with summer camp director Kassandra Archer.

“This is the first time Silver Lake is doing this with the Lower Bucks Hospital,” said Archer, adding she was very excited to have a new experience for the campers, one that would leave a lasting impact on them.

By 11 a.m., all the campers had been seated in the activity room. Over 30 “froglets”, campers between the ages of 6 and 12, and a few “frogs” between the ages of 13 and 17 were seated facing nurses from the Lower Bucks Hospital and former police Officer Kimberly Caron, who is a teacher at Bucks County Technical High School and medic with the rescue squad.

With the promise of ice cream for their good behavior looming in the back of their minds, the campers listened as the nurses all devoted a few minutes to discussing basic summer safety, such as the use of sunscreen even when it is cloudy, swimming only when an adult is present, wearing a helmet when on a bike, and how to confront stranger danger. 

Caron discussed stranger danger at length and what to do when confronted by a stranger.

One camp counselor asked: “What should you do if you are lost in a mall?”

“You should find the mall security. Never ask a stranger for help,” Caron answered. 

One of the most serious topics discussed was safety around guns. Caron asked the children what to do if they come across a gun.

“Do you pick it up?” she asked. 

All the campers collectively yelled “NO!” with one child adding “you’ll shoot your eye out!”

After the discussions, campers each got a chance to spin “The Wheel”, with each spoke asking a different question the spinner or another camper could answer. Some of the questions included “Why should you stay away from the street?” when walking or on a bike, with one camper answering “Because there are crazy drivers.” Another asked which time of day the sun was the strongest so the campers knew when to apply sunscreen or stay inside. 

As the children answered their questions, Officer Caron and camp counselors brought groups of children out to an ambulance the Bucks County Rescue Squad had brought over. Caron discussed how the ambulance works and all the tools used inside and how they save lives.

After all the activities had concluded, campers were rewarded gifts of coloring books and bubble wands as promised by the camp counselors.

The Silver Lake Nature Center plans on having more events such as this in the future in order to inform all campers about the dangers they can face in their day-to-day lives and how to avoid them to have a safe and fun summer. 

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