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Internal Medicine Didactics

doctors learningSeveral mandatory core conference series have been developed to enhance residency competency:

  • Noon Conferences: Held daily and emphasize patient care; medical knowledge, practice-based learning and systems based practice competencies. The curriculum for this conference series revolves around key inpatient internal medicine topics. Senior residents will also be scheduled to give their required scholarly talks during this time slot. Many of the core lectures will be covered in this series.

  • Journal Club: monthly, evidence-based conference, scheduled for all residents not assigned to the in-patient services.
  • Medicine Grand Rounds: As scheduled. Attendance is required.
  • Morning Report: Held every weekday morning. Morning report is structured so that 2 or 3 cases are presented as unknowns (by pre-selected residents) and the rest of the residents work through the cases with a faculty facilitator. Literature reviews about some aspect of the case are then provided by the resident presenters.
  • Subspecialty Core Lectures: Take place every Wednesday. Some of these are didactic lectures specifically prepared for the residents and presented by key faculty members.
  • Evening Lecture Series: Takes place every other month at a specified restaurant. Guest Speakers discuss a broad spectrum of various healthcare topics within various scopes of practice. Not necessarily limited to Internal Medicine.
  • Mandatory Weekly Multi interdisciplinary team meetings: where every "in house" patient is discussed.
  • Simulation Series: Residents are provided with access to training using simulation via workshops held monthly. They experience real-life situations that they would encounter on any floor or unit of the hospital. "Debriefing Sessions" are where they reflect and dissect their performance with their instructor following their performance.