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Internal Medicine Curriculum Design

smiling doctorTraining activities for LBH's residency program in Osteopathic Family Medicine are carried out under the auspices of the Department of Family Medicine. A number of other hospital departments and services, affiliated institutions, and private physicians cooperate to provide instruction and support for the training effort. Affiliated family physicians preceptor's offices, didactic presentations, and electives are all-important parts of the educational program. Thus, residents draw upon a variety of educational resources, personnel and training sites during each academic year.

The structured three-year program includes both required and elective rotations, which ensure consistency of training while allowing for individual areas of interest, strength, and weakness. Each resident's training time is allocated to meet the following AOA/ACOFP minimum requirements over the thirty-six month program:

Internal Medicine
32 weeks total. 8 weeks in PGY1. 24 weeks inpatient total.
Adult Critical Care
4 weeks (in PGY1)
16 weeks total. 4 weeks must be General Surgery in PGY1
12 weeks total. 4 weeks must be in PGY1
16 weeks total- 4 weeks must be in PGY1
Emergency Medicine
8 weeks total– 4 weeks must be in PGY1
28 weeks total (maximum allowed)
4 weeks
Sports Medicine
2 weeks
Community Medicine
2 weeks
Practice Management
20 hours
Ambulatory Osteopathic Family Medicine (CCC) & Preceptorship
A minimum of 40 weeks per each academic year will be spent in the CCC
1650 total visits are required, 150 in PGY1