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Patient Testimonials

We know that patients have many options when selecting a hospital, and we are truly grateful
to every patient who choses Lower Bucks Hospital for their healthcare needs. We are committed to providing each patient with high-quality, compassionate care and ensuring that they are informed and engaged in their own healthcare journey.

Every patient's story is their own. Here, we share some of their stories on how our team has impacted them and, often, how they have impacted our team.


The social service department guy named Will. He was so helpful getting things ready for me when I came home, a hospital bed, nursing visits, rehab. Another outstanding person was physical therapist Valerie and nurse Linda and Carol.

~Patient from 4S

The ICU staff and Medical staff are all truly phenomenal caregivers. From the unit clerk, to the residents, nurses, and the kitchen staff, they are all just such wonderful, caring people.

Also, I must mention the extremely kind Resident, Dr. E who kept me updated frequently on my mother’s care. His concern was very genuine. Mom passed away the next morning. However, she spent her final days in loving hands, and I do not know what I would have done without this wonderful team.

The LBH staff stayed with her; held her hand; and assured her that all her family loved her and that it was alright to leave. At this moment, Mom took her last breath. The staff may have only been doing her job, but to me and my family, it meant the world.

Again, thanks to all. I will never forget your kindness. To me, it is absolute proof that angels do walk among us. I will keep you all in my prayers, and may God bless you abundantly.

~ICU Patients Daughter, C.J.

So, here's my story about a great group of people at Lower Bucks Hospital.

My daughter, who is a nurse there, arranged for me to get my first COVID-19 shot at 10:30 on Tuesday morning. So, I go over, walk into the lobby to meet my daughter, and I have a massive heart attack. My daughter called the ER and I kid you not 10 people came running out gurneys, crash cart, wheelchair, and a bed.

Next thing I know I'm being shaved, and stents are going in. Hours later, in speaking with the doctor, he said I would have died if I wasn't in the hospital at the time. An ambulance would have taken too long.

I can only imagine the toll this took on my daughter knowing how strong she is and watching her father go through something like that. A remarkable outcome all things considered.

So here I am alive today only by the grace of God and the remarkable staff at Lower Bucks Hospital. My thanks go out to the emergency room staff at this remarkable hospital.

Thank you all very much and especially to you, my daughter, for setting up my vaccination shot that turned into quite a bit more.

A tip of the hat to my people in the ER for their great work and outcome.

A tip of the hat to my people in the ER for their great work and outcome.

~Pt. D. S. from Trevose

I wanted to acknowledge the staff who cared for me as a Covid-19 patient, from December 31, 2020-January 3, 2021.

Dr K. was my doctor in the ER where I was evaluated and given a COVID-19 test. I was reluctant to stay, but it turned out to be the best decision. During my admission I was shown kindness and professionalism. Diane wheeled me to my room, while keeping a calming scenario. Prior to that she, and the pharmacist worked successfully to get me my drops for my glaucoma.

The room was large and spotless, and my first nurse was Kimmie. Since, I had not eaten all day, there was a sandwich and beverage on the tray. Kimmie performed her professional duties but was also willing to answer all my questions and calm my fears. The next nurse was Courtney, and so began 4 days of wonderful care.

I was started on Remdesivir, as well as other meds, all which were explained when I asked about them.

My doctor was Dr. Bhimani and his excellent associate whose name I did not get. Were superior. Dr. Slawicki spent with me, and I never felt rushed. His explanations were clear and understandable. I also had an excellent respiratory nurse at the very end. As well as a PT for a few sessions.

The lab technicians taking blood numerous times were incredible. I called them my "1 stick wonders". They did their job (very well} and were done quickly. Unfortunately, no time for names. As for the food, the menu choices were excellent and varied, and the food was tasty.

Fortunately, I had a paper and pen with me and tried writing down the names of everyone who cared for me, but some I missed.

~ Patient from 4th Floor~