Specialized Clinical Services

Specialized Clinical Services

Wound Care

The Wound Care Center is dedicated to helping some of the five million people in America affected by wounds that will not heal. Using the latest techniques and products that medical science can offer, we help hundreds of patients from Bucks County and the surrounding community with compromised primary structural elements of the skin. Average healing time is under 8 weeks. To reach a wound care specialist, call (215) 785-9650.

Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep is essential to good health. For most people sleep takes care of itself. About 25% of our population suffer from some form of sleep disorder. For a variety of reasons, they do not get the proper rest they need. Since 1986, our accredited center’s professional staff has helped thousands of patients who suffer from sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, and the serious health issues that come from not getting the required sleep. For information, call (215) 785-9752.

Advanced Diagnostics

Lower Bucks Hospital provides state-of-the art medical imaging. Our Toshiba MRI Center, a 16-slice Siemens CT scanner, and up to date Ultrasound machines represent major investments for our community in leading edge diagnostics. LBH imaging utilizes the web through its PACs system that allows your doctor to see your digital images instantly. We also have two satellite imaging centers in the region, at Trenton Road in Levittown and at Street Road in Bensalem. High-quality LBH diagnostics help your doctor help you.