Graduate Medical Education

Lower Bucks Hospital Residency Program

Lower Bucks Hospital is a community hospital serving the needs of patients in the Lower Bucks County area. Its staff is comprised of Osteopathic, Allopathic, Dental and Podiatric Physicians. Throughout the years the hospital has been involved in training residents from Universities in the Philadelphia region. Now LBH is a major teaching affiliate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

In its mission statement Lower Bucks Hospital through its Board of Directors is dedicated to the training of Osteopathic Physicians. As part of this educational process the institution will offer an ongoing series of CME lectures which will be available to the residents, faculty and staff members. The faculty will consist of Physicians with appropriate credentials, proven competence as educators, full knowledge of the content areas, and qualifications by experience.

In the recent past the hospital was purchased by Prime Health Care which has been dedicated to medical education in some of its facilities. Peter A. Molle, D.O., MBA, FACOOG was appointed as Director of Osteopathic Medical Education by the Board in 2013. With a strong commitment to Osteopathic Medical Education Peter Adamo, CEO and Dr. Molle worked diligently together and the Family Medicine Residency Program was approved by the American Osteopathic Association with 12 positions in April 2014 and the Program was full starting July, 2014. Because of the stellar performance in the first inspection the number of FM positions has been increased to 18 residents by the AOA in October 2016. The program is under the able direction of Christopher Belletieri, D.O. who is certified by the AOBFP.

To continue our teaching mission and goals an Osteopathic Internal Medicine Residency Program was approved by the AOA for 15 positions in 2016. The first class will begin in July, 2017 under the direction of Sanjay P Bhatia, M.D. who is certified by the ABIM. Going forward the intention is to offer externships to students in Osteopathic Medical Schools.

General Surgery Residents from Suburban Community Hospital and Podiatric Residents from Roxboro Memorial Hospital rotate here at LBH. The educational program is open to accepting residents from other educational programs in areas where we can supplement their educational programs. ACGME accreditation is on the horizon and we are working diligently to meet all the requirements under the auspices of our Opti, the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. .

With the participation of our dedicated staff physicians at LBH we will continue this commitment to educating physicians. It is our hope that many of these physicians will remain in the area to offer their talents to serve our patient population after the completion of their programs.


Family Medicine Residency Program

Internal Medicine Residency Program