Home Health Care

Home Care

If you are looking for a home care program in Bucks County, Lower Bucks Hospital will deliver quality care in the home through a multi-disciplinary approach. Care is coordinated by our team with the patient, the physician, and the family. Personalized programs are developed that enable patients to build and maintain health in the comfort of their own home.

Who needs Home Care services?

Home Care services are provided to patients recovering from an acute medical problem or the worsening of a chronic disease. Home Care staff visit patients in their homes providing skilled care and intervention, promoting the return of independent function, or the highest level of function possible, within the limitations of the disease. Home Care provides service to areas in both Bucks and Philadelphia counties.

Which services does Home Care provide?

We provide many different services to meet the health needs of patients in their homes.

Skilled Nursing

Registered Nurses assess the patient’s health care needs. After consultation with the patient’s physician, a plan of care is developed to provide necessary treatment, including: instructing the patient and family on care and management of health problems, mental health needs, dressing changes for surgical wounds, infusion therapy, diet and medication instruction and supervision.

Palliative Care Services

The focus of care is to provide comfort and care for terminally ill patients.

Rehabilitation Services

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists plan comprehensive programs to help patients regain or improve their level of physical function and communication skills.

Home Health Aides

Under the supervision of the Home Care professional staff, aides provide personal care services such as bathing, exercises, and other activities of daily living.

Medical Social Services

Provides counseling and emotional support for personal and financial problems associated with illness or chronic disease.

Nutrition Services

Provides nutrition counseling for moderate to high-risk nutrition patients.

Psychiatric Services

Provides skilled psychiatric nursing designed to meet patients’ mental needs in their homes.

What are the benefits of Home Health Services?

• Assures the peace of mind and security of being in one’s own home.
• Promotes health and minimizes the effects of disability and illness.
• Enables privacy and control of one’s own environment.
• Offers educational services to patients and families.
• Assists patients and families to adjust to lifestyle changes due to illness.
• Services are a viable alternative to institutional care.
• Home Care services cost much less than inpatient care.

Which insurances cover Home Health Services?

Payment for in-home health care services is often covered by private insurance plans, managed care companies (HMO), Medicare, Medical Assistance, and Workers’ Compensation. When coverage is not available, patients can make other arrangements for payment. Services are available to all persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, disability, or ability to pay.

Lower Bucks Hospital Home Health Services is certified by Medicare & accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).